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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.


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Well this half-term has been incredible!  I am amazed with the progress Year 2 have made.  They really have many things to be proud of.  They have settled beautifully into our class and have such a wonderful attitude to learning.  As a teacher that makes me very happy!

I really enjoyed speaking to every parent this week to let you know how well your children are doing.  It was good to discuss their achievements and the next steps to make even more progress.  Remember I am always here if you need any support or any advice in supporting your child's learning at home.  Feel free to email the office and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.


This week the children have been editing their explanation texts.  They have learnt that it is important to proofread their work and make improvements.  These are essential skills to become a good writer.  They worked with their learning partners to support each other through this process.  

They then learnt how to present their final flying machine plans to an audience.  They researched what makes a good presentation.  They have created a video to share with you here.  We hope you enjoy it!

You will also see our song that we have been learning in music.  The children learnt this song and as a group sang it beautifully.



This week we have increased our fluency in adding and subtracting 10, 20 and 30 from any 2-digit number.  The children impressed me further by using a 100 square to then add / subtract the numbers 11, 12, 21,22 from any given number.  This is challenging, and the children worked hard to support each other in their learning.  

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St Luke's Feast Day

To celebrate St Luke's Feast Day on the 18th October, our class read a story from the Bible from Luke's Gospel called Heaven Breaks Through.  This was a wonderful story that linked beautifully to our R.E topic on Baptism.  The children found the story relatable and as a result produced some fantastic pieces of art using oil pastels.



This week in our topic, we continued to develop our understanding of the world's 7 continents and the 5 oceans.  The children learnt something about each continent and created a fact book.  They did really engage well with this task and were excited to learn more about our world.  

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Thank you Year 2 for another wonderful week of learning.  Have a relaxing week off school.  You deserve a good rest! 

Mrs Ingram :)

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