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St Luke's Catholic Academy

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Catholic Academy

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Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your replies. It is lovely to see that the children are engaged and enjoy their learning.

Following your feedback, I thought it will be helpful to put together some tips about making things easier for you when supporting your children with the Home Learning:

  • Try to set up together a routine that will work for all of you (especially if you have children in other year groups);
  • Encourage your children to start with English and Maths, as these are the sessions of the day that they need to spend more time on;
  • Ask them to check the activities and do what they think they can do independently, then give them some help (they are used to try things first after teacher input anyway, then get support if stuck);
  • Give yourselves a break, then children can try the other activities independently and ask for help when needed;
  • The activities are linked, so don’t worry about not going throughout all of them some days; it takes a while to get into a new routine.
  • The Abacus Home Learning Activities can be done at any time during the week (the Sways are based on Abacus anyway); this clears a little bit the timetable of the day.
  • It is easy to spot the current Maths Allocations for Home Learning if you look this week for Year 5 Week 13 (it does say so in the description of the task).

I hope you will find all these useful if needed.

These are the highlights of today’s lessons:

In addition to these, please ask your child to practise daily the spellings, timetables and to keep reading the books they like.

If there are any problems with the log in details or you need support with the activities, please do let me know by sending an email via our communication address

Tomorrow I will be sending you a link for our class assembly.

Kind regards,

Miss Gifford






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