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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

Fire, fire!​

Year 2 travel back in time to discover the remarkable events of the Great Fire of London in history and through considering such losses that occurred at that time start to understand how to find happiness. They uncover the properties of everyday materials in science and link it to its significance in life in 1666. Through mapping, in geography, some of the main landmarks in London of the past and comparing them to now they understand how disasters can strike. Year 2 also use Scratch in computing to trace our steps across London. Through expressive painting in art the children create their own views of the great fire. The children explore happiness through music, whilst learning to be in a rock band and learn the dimensions of music, like pulse, rhythm and pitch through a group song. ​In English, we will be continuing our exploration of poetry by learning how to write our own calligram (shape poem).  This will link to our topic Fire Fire!  Then from undertaking our topic research, the children will be able to write a recount in a newspaper report on the events that happened during the Great Fire of London.  In Spring Term 2 the children will write their own myth with a creation element and a story with recurring literary language.

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In Maths, we are continuing to develop our understanding of place value of numbers to 100.  The children will be able to find differences using a number line; find change from 10p and 20p, and from £10 to £20 by counting up and using their bonds to 10 and 20.   They will then order 2-digit numbers and revise the < and > signs; locate 2-digit numbers on a landmarked line and grid; round 2-digit numbers to nearest 10; and estimate a quantity less than 100.

Year 2 will then go on to learn about 3D shapes and time.  They will be able to recognise and identify properties (including faces and vertices) of 3D shapes; sort them according to their properties including the number of faces; they will name the 2D shapes of faces of 3D shapes; tell the time to the nearest quarter on analogue and digital clocks.

The children will then develop their knowledge of fractions.  They will revisit doubling and halving, including odd numbers.  This will support them in counting in halves and mixed numbers.

Later in the term the children will continue their learning by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve multiplication problems and find specified multiples.  They will be introduced to the × sign which will help them to record the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables.  They will then be able to investigate multiplications with the same answer; write multiplications to go with arrays, rotate arrays to show they are commutative.


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The children will step back into the past to become a child from 1666 to investigate the Great Fire of London.  They will look at historian artefacts and sources of evidence to find out what happened.  Then  explore the Great Plague and compare this to our current pandemic.  Next they will compare London now to London in the 17th century.  The children will use this knowledge to create a timeline of the events that took place.  

In art the children will make a silhouette of London using a range of materials to make a big impact.  They will then learn to weave and make patterns.  

In science, the children will be learning to work scientifically by building on their current knowledge of everyday materials.  This will enable them to see how things that were made in the past (e.g. houses) have evolved to help keep us safer.  

Caritas - The Christian Love of Humankind

This term the children will be reflecting on what happiness is.  


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This term the children will be learning about the books used in Church and about Mass and making a special time to thank God.  The experience of community is an essential and enjoyable part of life for people of every age and faith.  The children will learn about the Bible and how we hear God's word in the Gospel stories.

The children will learn about the cycle of the Church year and how the span of a lifetime contain occasions for regular celebrations as well as unexpected surprises, when people want to celebrate with family, friends and their communities. 

Knowledge Organiser

Below is this terms Knowledge Organiser with keywords that your child may find useful.  There is also the home learning that your child is expected to complete weekly.  This includes topic based work; maths; and spelling.  If there are any additional activities that the children complete you can take a photograph of your child's work and email it to  

Your child will receive a house point for their team for every piece I receive.