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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

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Click here for today’s learning from Oak Academy where you will be consolidating your learning about measure.     
This link will take you directly to the Oak Academy website 

If you would like some extra maths challenges this week’s challenges can be viewed here


Click here to access your learning on writing an independent sentence. 

For an added challenge you might like to make up your own funny sentence with a picture including some of the sounds you learnt this week.  


Today is a revision day for phonics.   
Click  here to be taken to the /ure/ sound OR click here for a song about the tricky words   

Here are the SWAYs for the /ue/  /ue/ and /ure/ and /ture/ sounds that we've looked at this week. Please click one that you'd like to practise. 

Revision sounds:   

Once again here are the SWAYs for the  /sh/ /th/ and /ng/   sounds that we've looked at this week. Please click one that you'd like to practise. Here are some fun activities about this week's sounds click on the sound you'd like to practise first /sh/ /th/ and /ng/ 


Our final lesson in our topic -Dreams and goals- Click here to access your learning. 

 Please send your child’s learning via our class email address or your Tapestry account.    

 Kind regards    
The EYFS team