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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

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Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

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                                                                    The Curriculum Narrative – PEACE Year 6

Our topic explores the historical time of the two World Wars and how communities came together in the search for Peace. Our computing searching skills will be put to the test as we search for evidence from the past and begin to  understand the way people lived and consider whether war really is justified. Through a closer look at maps in geography we will understand how borders can change in times of war and the impact on people’s communities. In art we will study how art can be used to spread a message and compare it to the use of propaganda used during times of war. During our science we will discover how sound travels to our ears and think about the impact of the sounds of war on the communities where people once lived. Of course, along the way we will read some fabulous books set in that time, explore some poetry of the battlefield and sing some war songs to lift our spirits and consider how music can make us happy including jazz a music form developed in the last century at the time of our study.

During this topic our Caritas theme is 'Building up the Kingdom of God'.  Our main History Enquiry Question is: Is war ever justified?  We will be linking many of our lessons to this question, plus we will be looking at other enquiry questions linked to power, society and women.    We will learn how Peace brings an end to conflict.  What would a world without war be like?  

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