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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

Our final week before half term!

In English this week we finished our Narrative with flashbacks Unit - this meant that we had a chance to complete our independent writing task.  This enabled us to use all that we have learnt in this unit, including using dialogue, powerful description, fronted adverbials and complex sentences.  

In maths this week, we worked with negative numbers, relating this to when we use them with temperature.  We also began working with fractions.  We ordered fractions with different denominators.

We had a variety of topic lessons this week, involving Science and History. We carried out a Science experiment where we investigated whether dropping marbles from a different height would affect the volume.  In History, we discussed the end of WW1, and how the Treaty of Versailles was created.  We then linked all of our learning back to our original Enquiry Question - Was WW1 justified?  

We are looking forward to a lovely half-term break next week!