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St Luke's Catholic Academy

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Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

This half term, Year 1 are learning all about 'Toy Story". We are excited to learn all about the wonderful world of toys! 

If you have any books, information or relevant pictures, children are most welcome to bring these in to support our learning. Also, if you have any old toys you would like to share for a day, please bring them in by this Friday (23/02/2018) so we can compare them with the ones we already know. 

“Toy Story” was an amazing Topic for Year 1! We enjoyed reading the story, describing characters and comparing settings. We used in our writing ‘wow’ words like ‘majestic’, ‘splendid’ or ‘spectacular’. Leaning about the history of toys was an exciting adventure as well. We looked at old and modern toys and we found out interesting facts about teddy bears. But we didn’t stop here! We started to use these history skills to perform interesting Science experiments! Mixing water with oil? What is going to happen?  Just ask us and we will be happy to tell you! In the meantime, we are taking Buzz Lightyear’s advice: ‘To infinity... and beyond!’. So, to the next Topic, please!


Our PE lessons are on Monday with Mr McCarthy and on Friday with Mrs Orasanu or Mr Prentice. Children are expected to have their PE kits in school at all times. Please ensure that children have an inside and outside kit as the weather is getting colder. 


Please try to hear your children read daily and record it in their reading record book. It is important to check that, as well as becoming more fluent, the children understand what they are reading, especially as they begin to read longer and more complex books. This can be done by discussing the book afterwards, or during reading. Talk about the characters, setting or main events.

It is important that your child has their reading record in school every day as we are encouraging them to talk to us about the reading they do at home. We have reading time every day, and during the course of the week, children will read independently, with a partner or group and with an adult.


They are based on spelling patterns that we have investigated in class and a selection of common exception words. The children should be encouraged to look at the way the pattern fits into the word to help them remember it (a table was attached to the first page of the HomeLearning Books).

Spellings are best worked on little and often: 5 or 10 minutes every day is more beneficial than one long session. It is also very helpful if you can encourage your child to apply the spellings in context by writing a few sentences using these words and, of course, using new or unfamiliar words in conversation.


Here at St Luke's we encourage all students to make healthy choices, and promote healthy learning and education. As such, students are provided a free healthy school snack every day for play time. Students may bring in their own snacks, so long as it is a healthy substitute (e.g fruit, vegetables, fruit-based granola bars etc.) This also means that fizzy drinks or sugary juices are not permitted. Only water should be brought to school in your child’s bottle.


Our Home Learning activities for this half term reflect our topic and can be found below.