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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

Good Morning,

Happy Wednesday. I hope you have had a good start to the week.

Don’t forget that there is a new ‘Masked Reader’ on our website today. Check it out and guess who’s voice it is. All the readers will be announced on Friday. We also have an extreme reading competition. Children can take photos of themselves (or someone takes a photo of them) in a strange place reading e.g. in a tree or under the table etc.

Tomorrow is also World Book Day and so you can dress up as your favourite book character.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021



Activities/links to Sway presentation


Phonics access:

Orange: Please click here for a link to our phonics revision.

Green: /yoo/ ew, u-e and eu

Purple: /zh/ -s, -si and -ge


Explore a character’s thoughts and feelings part 1

Oak Academy: Click here


 Subtract a single digit from 30


End of topic


Today’s handwriting words; grew and flute

Movement breaks

Number bonds

U can’t touch this

Special offer

After the Fall activity