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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

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Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.

Magnificent Machines

Are you ready to create, investigate and explore?                


Then you are in the right place. This term we will be going on a journey refining our scientific skills. You will be explorers, investigators and inventors!

It is time to continue down the timeline! So far in Year 3, we have enjoyed exploring prehistory as well as Roman life! Now it is time to go further into the future. This term we will consider how we can build communities of peace through looking into how technology can create a world that helps others. We will learn about the development of technology through a period of modern times and how advanced our technology has become. We will learn how inventors and engineers have used technology across a broad spectrum. In science, we will learn about forces and electricity and how these enable machines to work. Then, using this knowledge, through DT, we will work as a team to design and build your own Junkbot robots.  In computing, we will participate in a workshop that will teach us how to build a Lego robot which we will then control using and applying algorithms. In music, we will learn how to play recorders, which explores happiness, friendship and how we can all play a part to be a community of peace.

Join us on this amazing journey as we explore the world of Magnificent Machines and Robots!


This half-term we will be covering these areas:

Analysing Data:

  • Draw and interpret bar charts and pictograms where one square/symbol represents two units.
  • Draw and interpret bar charts/tally charts where one square represents one hundred unit  


  • Compare and measure weights in multiples of 100g
  • Know how many grams are in a kilogram; estimate and weigh objects to the nearest 100g 


  • Multiply numbers between 10 and 25 by 1-digit numbers using column method. 
  • Divide multiples of 10 by 1-digit numbers using our known tables facts
  • See the relation between multiplication and division
  • Begin to using chunking as as method to divide numbers with remainders. 


  • Add 3-digit and 2-digit numbers using mental strategies.
  • Add two 3-digit numbers using mental strategies or by using column addition.
  • Use reasoning, trial and improvement to solve problems involving more complex addition


In our writing time we will be exploring a variety of genres. We start the half-term looking at Balanced writing, and the features needed to write our own balanced arguments looking at the question: Should teachers be replaced by robots? We then move onto Traditional tale stories using the book 'The Firemakers Daughter' in which we will explore the events surrounding the story and the journey in which our main character Lila takes in order to get fire from Razvani the Fire-Fiend. This is where our imagination and descriptive writing will help bring these events to life and excite our reader so we will use all of our MAPSO features we have learnt so far: alliteration, onomatopoeia, simile as we add in a chapter for Lila and her friends to venture through as she makes her way to the Fire-Fiend.   


In science, we will be exploring forces and motions by understanding how magnetic forces work by attracting or repelling. We will take part in a variety of experiments to understand what is attracted to the magnetic force and what is repelled, through hypothesis, observations and recording our conclusions as what we have discovered. We will also have the opportunity to explore the different forces that are part of our world and what the effects of these forces are, as well as how friction can affect the force given to an object. 


During our art sessions, we would explore block and mono printing with a variety of colours and layering. We will explore the artist Eric Joyner whose work will help inspire us to create our own artwork.   


Our next focus will be energy in which we understand the events after Jesus' resurrection and what happened next to the disciples. We will look into biblical scripture to understand the next events and Jesus' Great Commission before he ascended into Heaven. This will build up to understanding the events of Pentecost, the birth of the Church and why these events were not the end of the story for Christians around the world. Our next RE focus will be Choices in which we prepare ourselves to understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation and why this is an important development in our Catholic faith.