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St Luke's Catholic Academy

St Luke's

Catholic Academy

Pyenest Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 4LU

Through God’s love we learn together, grow together and achieve together.


                   Here you will find updates on what the children have been learning about each week

Autumn 1

Week 1 - The children have been fabulous this week on our trip to Australia. The did a brilliant job making the playground come to life by drawing the map of the world. - Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 2 - The children have had lots of fun this week in music learning new styles and playing with some instrument. They have also produced lots of lovely work for the display. - Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 3 - This week the children have been continuing with their 'Draw and Explore' art project using natural resources for inspiration! Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 4 - The children worked very hard this week to complete their wonderful adventure stories based on Henry the Explorer. They also did a great job working together to complete a piece of drama exploring St. Paul's message. Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 5 - This week the children have been reflecting on the Rosary. They used Friday morning to take a moment to prayer and think of others. Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 6 - The children spent time exploring a different religion this week and even learnt some sign language to show the words 'rose crown'

Week 7 - This week the children celebrate St.Luke! They did a fantastic job creating art pieces and sharing these with year 4. Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 8 - Year 2 have had a fun and fabulous week back. They have made wombats for our instruction writing, created a Sydney Opera House piece of artwork, made a Fireworks night picture and even went on a bug hunt for science. A very well done. Here you will find the link to some photos: 

Week 10 - Year 2 started to learn about list poems this week and have done an excellent job finding inference in the meaning. They also had a wonderful time celebrating Children in Need day and creating some fun finger paintings. Here you will find the link to some photos:

Week 11 - This week Year 2 did a very good job at performing poetry. I was blown away with how nicely they worked together and the innotation they used when expressing their pieces. A very well done. 


Week 2 - The children have done really well settling back and have been working hard on shape poetry based on 'The Great Fire of London.' It has been amazing watching you all come up with so many great ideas. Good job.

Year 2 having been very busy so far this Spring term. So far the children have engaged in a Great Fire of London work shop, visits for aspiration day, our class assembly and we have even busy baking bread! In science, the children have worked very hard to think scientifically. Designing bridges and learning what absorbent means. Year 2, you are all so fantastic!