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Rampaging Romans

This half term we have been exploring the Romans!

At the start of this half term we had a special letter from the Roman Emperor Claudius. He was writing to ask Year Three to help him design and make chariots for the Roman chariot racers. We were very happy to help and set about creating designs for our own chariots. We researched what traditional Roman chariots looked like and we created our own versions out of cereal boxes and dowling wood. 

As well as making our chariots, we decided to write a set of instructions to go along with them. We looked at the features of instructions and wrote our own using imperative (bossy!) verbs and lots of adverbs. Both the chariots and the instructions were fantastic! 

We were inspired by our chariots, and the book Romans on the Rampage by Jeremey Strong, to write our own adventure stories. We created heroes and villains before exploring where our characters might go. We looked at the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum as well as other settings in Rome and based our adventure stories around these iconic places. 

We also created our own Roman aqueducts using cardboard and paper. These were very impressive and can be seen, along with some amazing home learning, in the photographs link to the right of this page.

This topic has been very inspiring and enjoyable!


Please find this half term's home learning menu below.